How to maintain a parking lot catch basin.

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A catch basin’s main purpose is to collect excess rain water and ground water from surrounding areas such as parking lots, roofs and paved streets. Over time catch basins are subject to the elements, which entails possible blocks from street debris, organic waste and at times the material the catch basin is constructed of (mainly due to erosion).

If the asphalt surrounding your catch basin is cracked or heaved it is recommended to have it repaired to prevent any further damage or debris from entering your catch basin. In order to prevent a costly repair, getting the problem fixed post haste will save you from waiting for the unfortunate signs of failure.

Your main storm line is your defence against flooding and should be maintained regularly. It cannot be prevented that sand, pieces of asphalt or stones introduce themselves into your storm line but maintenance can prevent the collection and build up of those materials.

Basements are obviously susceptible to flooding. One of the causes of that is if you incurred a blockage in your storm pipe. Sometimes it is a matter of a high water table or negative slope upon your property leading water towards your house. If those two scenarios are apparent and your property is not protected by a functional catch basin then damage to your foundation wall may follow.

Preferably the homeowner should have the catch basin cleaned before fall and then before spring arrives have the reservoir inspected with a camera.

Your first solution for maintenance is to have a pump truck clear the catch basin of any material. The second stage would be to inspect the catch basin with a camera. Following these steps will give you a comfortable idea of the condition of your catch basin and reservoir.

If by any chances your pipe has a crack or shift the homeowner has to repair that problem as soon as possible to avoid any possibility of a flood during rainy day.

Lastly, another recommended solution for cleaning your storm drain is to have the line high pressure jetted. The high pressure jet produces over 1500 psi and will scrub the lines of any debris, clearing any possibility of a blockage, this final step would of course also be followed with a camera inspection.

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