We are the catch basin and sewer cleaning masters in the Milton area. We have been providing full service storm drain, digester and sewer cleaning services with positive feedback every time.

Our range of services includes:

Dispose of liquid waste Inspect sewer lines and duct work Clean storm drains
Hydro-excavate Assess manholes Conduct chemical grouting

Other services that are available include: septic tank services, anchor and utility pole hole installations, drill mud pumping, pump station servicing and mainline pipe cleaning. We promise to work to remove all the decaying debris from sewers, manholes and catch basins. Any absorbent pad that may need replacement will be replaced.

Our Customers

We serve residential, commercial and industrial customers. We promise to offer the highest customer care and service during all service calls, to all classes of our customers. Our trained personnel will be at hand 24/7 to give free estimates and answer any questions you may need answered. We handle all jobs from typical leaf, rock and debris collecting to heavier jobs such as unblocking sewers. Any trash that may cause backups and slow down your operations will be cleared to prevent clogging and restore free flow and smooth running.

Call us today and we will service your drainage systems to get that backup cleared in no time. We want to work with you to save you any additional loss of revenue or costly plumbing invoices. Appropriate servicing of grease traps and storm drains is vital for the smooth operation of any restaurant business. We are conversant in cleaning drainages and will offer you unparalleled catch basin and sewer cleaning service with faultless results.

Call Us

Call us for a free estimate today. Our vacuum trucks come fully equipped. Our team of skilled technicians will make service calls ready with all the tools needed to conduct the catch basin or sewer cleaning service. Pre-inspections of areas needing attention help the team in understanding what needs to be done and will save time leaving more time to more effective cleaning.

Our team of skilled technicians will clean the area and do a post-inspection to ensure that all the systems are in good working condition before they leave your property. We want to leave the site with you fully satisfied and smiling. Scheduled maintenance plans will contain those horrible odors and prevent further pollution to waterways.

Our catch basin cleaning services are also available to other areas such as the Toronto area, Burlington, Brampton, New Market, London, North York, Etobicoke, Oshawa, Oakville and the entire GTA area.

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