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Ever wonder where all water goes after a good rain? Sure there’s the gutters on your house that make sure the water doesn’t seep down through the walls and come inside and the drain pipes that carry it away, but what about all the rain that falls in the street?

There’s a system that looks after that and the catch basin is an important part.

The catch basin is an essential part of the sewer or storm drain system that traps the debris that might make it to the drain pipes that flow down to rivers and streams or lakes in your area. They are an essential part of stopping pollution from entering our ecosystem.

Only a little overflow

The side sloping inlets of these catch basins are designed to look after high volumes of water during heavy rains with only a little overflow. There are several different ways catch basins make sure that debris doesn’t get past and into the water. First and foremost are the grates that trap larger things, while any smaller particles that get through rest at the bottom below the drainage pipes that are only for the runoff.

There are a few things that need to be done to these catch basins so they work properly. To prevent the drainage pipes from getting clogged up, the grates need to be cleared periodically so water flows through them. The trap underneath needs to be cleaned out from time to time as well. There are catch basins that are specifically designed so that none of the gases that can build up in the pipes are able to backup toward the street and others that are designed to deter rats and mice from making the spots under catch basins their homes.

Hydro jetting maintenance

One of the best ways to get the maintenance part of the job done right is with hydro jetting. Pulsing bursts of water clean the catch basin and allow water to flow freely. Hiring the job out is a question of finding the right people for the task.

Plumbers have the right experience and if you need to have a private catch basin cleaned, it’s a good bet to get the job done by professionals that have a history of hydro jetting experience. Getting the best people for the job means looking on the company website to see if they have previous experience and good contact information.

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