Richmond Hill

Welcome to the most trusted catch basin cleaning services provider in Richmond Hill. Do you operate a restaurant? Are your commercial kitchen grease traps and drains constantly clogged? We are a company that will solve all back up problems for you. We will work to clean grease traps and remove all filth so that you have a clean and hygienic environment to work in. So say goodbye to backups that cause you to lose revenue. Avoid those costly plumbing bills by calling us today! Backups need not slow you down causing you loss in revenue.

Great Cleaning Services

Our company has been at the pinnacle in the Richmond Hill catch basin and grease trap cleaning services. We strive to provide exceptional cleaning services to all storm drains, grease traps, parking lots, stormceptors and duct work.

Our great catch basin services involve a pre-inspection of the area to be cleaned. Then, the cleaning process itself will start using the latest tools and vacuum trucks and trailers. After the thorough cleaning, our team of expert cleaning technicians will conduct an examination to confirm whether the storm drain or sewer system is working perfectly. With our high level of professionalism our technicians will strive to offer the greatest of services. They will not leave the work site before your satisfaction with the work done if fully expressed.

Maintenance programs reduce the risk of flooding in streets and parking areas. It also will eliminate those unfortunate odors that are emitted from sewers and drains. Further, any potential pollution of waterways is eliminated.

Honesty, Our Policy

Honesty is a policy we hold close to our hearts. We apply the value of honesty in our pricing, in how we conduct service calls and in our treatment of all customers, whether residential or commercial clients. We will charge you only the agreed price with no extra charges. Any service calls that may take more than the typical few hours to complete will be fully communicated.

Contact us and get a free quote depending on your cleaning requirements. Our response time is fast and our team comes with a completely equipped vacuum truck that has all the tools needed for cleaning of all catch basin, sewers, digesters and drainage systems. You can also make a visit to our offices and get a trained technician who will explain everything to your satisfaction and give you that desired personal touch. So call our friendly staff today.

Sewer and storm drain cleaning services are available to other areas such as Toronto, Brampton, Aurora, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Oakville, Oshawa, Yorkville and Scarborough.

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