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Catchbasin.ca has been serving Ontario for quarter a century and counting. We take pride for being in the business for more than 25 years and still continuing to do so despite the increasing competition and more sophisticated demands from customers. We have evolved with time and have been able to cope with the changing needs of communities, companies and households. Our years of experience will tell you that there is no one other service provider who has done what we have done; who have been to where we have been; and has served whom we had the pleasure of serving. No matter how simple, complex or complicated the job may be, Catchbasin.ca has been there and has done that and will be glad to do it for someone else all over again!

Our main service started with catch basin and storm drain installation, repair and replacement. Eventually we saw the complexity of drainage and sewer systems. In our passion to provide a complete solution to residential and commercial needs, we have moved on to adding more services. These services included sewer cleaning, manholes fixing, storm water management, parking lot and roadways installation, repair and maintenance. Now for other residential and commercial needs such as basement pinning, waterproofing, mold prevention, pipe inspection and leak detection, you can trust that we are experts in this field as well. If concrete work is necessary for flood prevention, then we can do it for you too.

In Catchbasin.ca, we resolve to provide you not just high quality service and work that you can count on for years to come. However, we also understand the need to leave things in order and pleasant looking for you and everybody else who will visit or pass by your area of residence or business. You will not only brag of the functioning areas but you will surely gather praises for the how beautiful things look after our services have been rendered. We will leave you with some peace of mind and some sense of satisfaction knowing that you have called the right people to do the job.

The licensed professionals we send and the high quality services we provide here in Catchbasin.ca are all covered with the necessary insurance. This simply means that you’ll get your money’s worth and you will not only enjoy comfort and convenience right away but a high level of assurance that the work we have done will last just as we promised it will. We at Catchbasin.ca value you as our customer and we are here to serve you for the years to come!

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