Do you own a restaurant business? Are the kitchen grease traps and drains in your restaurant filthy or clogged every now and then? Your worries are officially over.

Our company is specialized in the provision of regular backups for your company. Backups need not slow you down or cause you high plumbing bills. Our company has been the top provider of catch basin, sewer and grease trap cleaning services in the Danforth area. We know that proper servicing and maintenance of grease traps and drains is vital for the smooth running of any commercial kitchen and hence, provide the best solution to your grease trap cleaning needs.


The range of cleaning jobs that we handle includes the following:
Disposal digesters Camp latrines General vacuum conveyance work
Parking lot maintenance Clearing perimeter drains Sump cleaning
Drain tile jetting Grease trap cleaning

We also handle catch basin high-powered vacuuming, waste and sewage loading and hauling, high-pressure sewer flushing, and hazardous materials spill cleanup.

We also have other services such as vacuum excavating and monitoring well installation, anchor installations, utility pole holes installations, and drill mud pumping. For property managers we include storm and sanitary sewer system cleaning and inspection. Services listed above are available on emergency basis 24/7. Where there has been a spill of hazardous materials, we will be on hand any time of the day or night to clean up such spills fast and with safety in mind.

Well-Trained Employees

Our team is always in training on how to develop our cleaning services and keep up with the workings and operations of the novel and most efficient vacuum trucks and cleaning systems in the market. You can trust us for all your catch basin and sewer cleaning needs. You are assured of service calls 24/7.

Our team is steadfast and has undergone comprehensive in-house training sessions that have made them respected catch basin cleaning technicians in the Danforth area where we have a strong presence. With our appreciation of the latest in cleaning technology, we will clean your catch basins, sewers, and digesters fast and with perfect results.

Call us for a free estimate. After we present you the estimate, your acceptance will prompt us to dispatch our vacuum trucks to your home or business immediately. Our catch basin cleaning services are offered in other parts of the area such as Mississauga, London, Ajax, Vaughan, Markham, Aurora, Brampton, New Market, Oshawa, Oakville and the entire GTA area.

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