There’s a manhole everywhere you go whether in urban or rural areas, whether in new or old neighborhoods. The fact is manholes have been around for centuries now since early Roman civilization. No matter how technology evolves, manholes will continue to be as important and essential for everyone and they will continue to exist for centuries to come.


Manhole covers were first used to cover sewers. During those days, manholes were created so that human waste was not in close contact with people to avoid health issues. Eventually, around 1800s manholes were created for gas and water pipelines instead of sewers. Today, manholes are no longer simply dug by hand nor as shallow. They can be as deep as 50 to 70 stories. They can be passage areas for subsurface utilities such as storm drains, steam tunnels, utility corridors and of course sewer systems.

Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Manholes these days are either covered with stone or cast iron. There are also some made of fiber glass too. Manholes can be simple or complex. Some are shallow containing a few components. However, there are also some that go deep and even have staircases inside them. We understand the value of manholes in your area, for your homes and businesses and for the entire community. We have been in the business of repairing and maintaining manholes for decades now. Our licensed professionals are able to assess the issues you have with your manholes while you are on the phone with us. We understand how life can be difficult for you if the manhole in your area is not working properly or is damaged. This is normally due to clogging or major repair issues from within. Nonetheless, we have whatever it takes to repair your manholes. Now if you feel that manhole maintenance can be quite taxing then you’ll never have to worry as we are more than willing to do the job for you. Whether you need a regular inspection, clean out or a simple preventive maintenance procedure, we can do it for you. Give us a call for whatever issues you may have with your manholes and our quick response team will be glad to answer your queries or head to your area to resolve them for you!  

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