Are you a restaurant owner or manager? Are your kitchen grease traps and drains clogged with debris every now and then? Worry no more.

We are the company that will provide a solution to your regular backups. Backups need not slow you down by causing you loss in revenue. You can also avoid those high plumbing bills by engaging us to clean the grease traps and have them working as new. This is because our main philosophy is cost reduction and prioritizing our customer’s satisfaction.

Our company has been the top provider of catch basin, sewer and grease trap cleaning services in the Etobicoke area. We know that proper servicing and maintenance of grease traps and drains is fundamentalto the smooth running of any commercial kitchen and hence provide the solution to your grease trap cleaning needs.

Ahead of the Game

Our professional and expert staff undergoes in-house all-inclusive training to ensure that the staff are equipped with the latest technology. To satisfy the growing needs of customers our team of technicians keeps up with the improved vacuum truck technology in the market, new cleaning methods to ensure that we offer brilliant results. Our team can also suggest periodic service to ensure that you continue to enjoy clean and clear drains and sewers.

We offer a wide range of services to the industrial, municipal, utility, commercial, environmental, and institutional customers. Some of our main services include:

Liquid Waste Disposal Hydro-Excavation Video Inspection
Holding Tank Rental and Service Hazardous Waste Disposal Mainline Sewer Cleaning

Call us for a free estimate today. After you accept the estimate, we will quickly send a vacuum truck to your home or business. Our competent technicians will conduct a pre-inspection of the area you want cleaned. The team will proceed to work right away, as all our trucks come fully equipped.

We will completely clean the area, inspect it for any plumbing leakages and double-check that the system is working like new. We will check to see that the flow from sinks to the drain or trap is tip-top. We will not leave until you are fully comfortable and satisfied with our service. In addition, our cleaning will help get rid of all unpleasant odors as we ensure that even the lids and seals are clean.

Our catch basin cleaning services are also available to other areas such as the Toronto area, Burlington, New Market, Oshawa, Oakville and the entire GTA area.

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