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Some simple catch basin maintenance ideas.

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They’re an important part of preventing floods in and around your property but if you ask many homeowners where the catch basin is, they might not be able to identify this necessary aspect of Toronto plumbing. That said, following are a few words  about the catch basin does and how it can be maintained.

Remember these catch basins are responsible for draining away excessive rainfall from our roads, properties and parks and considering the recent events from Hurricane Sandy, it’s a good idea to understand how to do your part for this essential part of our water services.

First off,  the grates at the top of these basins need to be cleaned out at least once a year to make sure the solids that have collected at the bottom don’t rise to the level of the sewer pipe and get into the water table. With a smaller catch basin on your property you can remove the grate and do the job yourself, but municipalities often have crews that handle this job with vacuum trucks.

Keeping the grates clear is something everyone that lives near one of these catch basins toronto can do and in the Fall that means cleaning away the leaves that can obstruct the opening. Taking a few moments to clear away snow from these grates in the winter is another helpful idea.

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