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Flooding is one of the major issues in cities today destroying homes, commercial properties and even lives. However, here in Toronto people know how flooding can be prevented and with excellent service from Catchbasin.ca people can expect added aesthetic value for their homes and commercial properties. We at Catchbasin.ca provide not only the clean out and repair of catch basins and storm drains but the installation of new ones and even replacement of an entire part if necessary.

We also offer a wide range of services as we are passionate in keeping the environment clean and green and giving our customers some comfort, convenience and peace of mind. We can deal with any other issues you may have when it comes to drainage or sewer systems. We take care of manhole inspections, storm water, roadways and even parking lot maintenance. We can inspect your pipes for leaks or clogs and we can also do waterproofing, mold prevention and concrete works for your homes or business establishments. We’ll make sure that your property is flood free inside and out. And do all this with function, quality and promptness in mind. We’ll leave you with well-functioning drainage and sewer systems that will last for decades to follow.

Your drainage problem is our business! Clogged, damaged or simply foul smelling, we can take care of it for you right away. Issues with drainage systems including catch basins and storm water drains are major issues but with our professional expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, you will never have to worry about your health, your life and your property again! We understand what you are dealing with and we can take the load off your shoulders if you call us today!

We are determined to deliver what we promise and we will be glad to assist you needs promptly. Our quick response team will be happy to offer you a free estimate over the phone. Call us anytime you need our service and regardless if it’s a normal day, a weekend or a holiday, you can be sure we’ll be ready to serve you round the clock here in Toronto and all other neighboring cities.

If you feel or think that you have issues which you are uncertain about then give us a call or email for inquiries and we’ll give you a feedback or a free advice if necessary.

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We are glad to work with you to make sure your business will not face any inconvenience and discomfort that catch basins and storm drains may cause.



Catch basins are necessary for your homes to ensure that leaves, solid objects and other debris do not go to your drainage systems and cause you major problems in the future.



Manholes are important but if they are damaged, they can be very dangerous. We know exactly how to create a good one for you.


Sewer Cleaning

It may be a dirty task but we can do the job safely for you. Our licensed professionals are well-trained when it comes to sewer cleaning leaving you safe & protected.


Storm Water

We have the right products, materials and equipment to make sure storm water is managed preventing flood, pollution, contamination and erosion at the same time.


Parking Lot & Roadways

If it’s concrete work affecting drainage and sewer systems then you can trust that we are experts and we will create parking lots and roadways that offer you the convenience that you require.

CatchBasin specializes in Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Residential liquid removal and transportation.

Providing (but not limited to) the following services:
Interceptors Oil Spills Fuel Spills
Underground Parking Lots Pump Truck Services Catch Basins
Tank Removal Flood Cleanup Liquid Transportation
Hydro Vac Wet/Dry Vac Flooded Basements
Hazardous Waste Removal Liquid Waste Removal Carwash Catch Basins
Above and Below Ground Septic Pumping Services Vacuum Truck Rental

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